Cultivation and shipping of leaf onions


Leaf leeks from Osaki Farm

Rich in essential trace minerals
Soft and aromatic taste

Green onions are rich in allyl sulfide (allicin), which promotes blood circulation, as well as potassium, which helps prevent high blood pressure.
In particular, Osaki Farm’s leeks, which are grown with a focus on soil cultivation (balanced soil development), contain high levels of zinc, an essential trace mineral that is often lacking in modern people and cannot be produced by the body, and manganese, which aids digestion and absorption and promotes blood production.
Leafy green onions grown in the open air
House-grown leaf onion

Our company has acquired [Global GAP/K-GAP] certification.


Leaf onion production

Item name
Leaf onion
Shipping time
all year round
Main shipping destinations
鹿児島県:60% 関西:20% 関東:20%
Planted area
Estimated shipping volume
Shipping Size

Compositional analysis of leaf onion

Compared to the DB average (leeks (konegi) / July-August), antioxidant capacity 《 plant stress tolerance》 was extremely high, about 1.7 times higher. The Brix sugar content was about 1.2 times higher.
Vitamin C content was about 1.2 times higher, but within the range of variation of the average value.
The taste was evaluated as tasty with a crispy texture, sweetness, umami, and a refreshing pungency.

Growth and shipping of leaf onions


Sowing and seedling cultivation
We grow our own seeds from seed according to our shipping plan.
Growth and harvest
Our leaf onions are grown both in open fields and greenhouses.
Sorting and packing
After harvesting, the mud is washed from the root parts at the processing center, dead leaves and trichomes are removed, and then packaged within the same day of harvesting.
Warehousing and shipping
The time until shipment is managed in a storage warehouse kept at a low temperature in a boxed state.

Leaf onion growing environment

Keeping soil in good condition
Soil properties that allow for good water retention and an adequate supply of air nurture healthy roots.
As with human food, nutritional balance is a prerequisite for plants to be healthy, and the optimal balance of sales (fertilizer nutrients) enhances the aroma and flavor of leaf onions.
We at Osaki Farm believe that soil cultivation is about creating a prefectural boundary that maximizes the plant’s innate “zest for life.
Water management
Water management is the most important and difficult task in the cultivation of leaf onion. Water management during the period from germination to leaf emergence is especially important in leaf onion cultivation. Water management should be carried out to maintain the required soil moisture level according to the weather and temperature at that time of the year.
When the grass is 20 cm tall, a period of water withholding is necessary to stress the plants and improve rooting.
By the time the grass is about 50 cm tall at harvest time, the plant will have grown into a healthy leaf onion that is resistant to external stresses such as temperature changes, drought, and pests and diseases.