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Delivering safe, secure, and delicious vegetables from Kagoshima.

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Company Name
Osaki Farm Ltd.
Yoshihito Yamashita, President and Representative Director
Kiyotaka Nakayama, Senior Managing Director
Director and Farm Manager Kazuhiko Sato
Head office
777-20 Yokose, Osaki-cho, Soo-gun, Kagoshima
TEL +81994-76-4043
Field office
2352-1 Nagayoshi, Osaki Town, Soo-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Osaki Farm Processing Center
2352-1 Nagayoshi, Osaki Town, Soo-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
Affiliated Companies
Radish Co.
899-7307 鹿児島県曽於郡大崎町永吉持留茶ノ木1421-1
Our Business
Vegetable production, processing, sales and wholesale
April 1994
Agricultural items
leaf onion, cabbage, radish, sweet potato
Acquisition status of certification systems
2007 Obtained K-GAP certification (radish, leaf leek, cabbage)
2009 AEON GAP certification acquired
2014 Obtained Global GAP certification


In order to ensure consumer confidence and trust in the agricultural, forestry, and fishery products of Kagoshima Prefecture, this system examines and certifies the efforts of farmers who manage their production processes based on standards designed to ensure safety and security.


GLOBAL G.A.P. is a global brand given to excellent companies that practice “sustainable production activities” with consideration for food safety, labor environment, and environmental conservation.

Greetings from the Board of Directors


Yoshihito Yamashita

We, Osaki Noen, are an agricultural production corporation combining facility gardening and open field vegetables on a vast farmland in the Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture. We are a company built by three classmates who quit their jobs and came together with “passion, effort, and gratitude. Since its establishment, we have been constantly challenging ourselves to create something new, and we are committed to providing vegetables that are impressive in their original deliciousness.
As stated in our management philosophy, we aim to practice the “production first” principle, which starts with the production of delicious vegetables through thorough soil management.
As a young man who creates agricultural value and is a leader of the local community, we are looking ahead to the times, and amidst the paradigm shift in values from material economic growth to environmental and social sustainability, we consider contract farming to be the pillar of our business from a market-in perspective that meets consumer needs, and we aim to improve quality by thoroughly managing the production process and working hours and by offering products that meet the needs of our customers. We aim to offer products that meet the needs of our customers.
We believe it is necessary to design the future of agriculture to realize sustainable growth for both local communities and agriculture, to create the future environment for agriculture, and to develop human resources with attractive human qualities to establish strong agricultural management that is needed by the community.
Osaki Noen will continue to pursue and evolve our agricultural production to deliver “vegetables that please everyone” with the smiles of the local community and customers through agriculture.
Senior Managing Director

Kiyotaka Nakayama

The three of us on the board of directors were all graduates of Tokai University’s Department of Oceanography, and had absolutely no experience in agriculture.
When I recall how we felt at that time, we were desperate to make a living from farming and to produce vegetables that would be profitable.
Thanks to my passion, I was able to meet many different people and share information with friends all over the country.
Farming is a job full of various risks. We believe it is important to overcome these risks and produce vegetables that satisfy our customers in a stable and systematic manner, at a satisfactory price, and in harmony with the natural order of things.
We will continue to do our best as an agricultural corporation that values encounters with people and the natural environment, and that contributes to the development of agriculture.

Kazuhiko Sato

When asked what Osaki Farm is most proud of, we answer, “Our staff, or human resources. We believe that we can create valuable agricultural products only when we have people who are the key players in the creation of products (human resources), each with their own individuality, role, and sense of responsibility.
Our social mission now is to make Japan healthy and smile through agriculture.
A world-renowned doctor of agriculture concluded, “A farmer’s smile determines the happiness of his country. The vertical threads from the government to consumers and the horizontal threads from fellow farmers across the country may be thin, but the fabric woven by the vertical and horizontal threads is strong and durable, creating value that brings joy to the people.

(Effort + Human Resources) x Passion for Farming = Delightful Vegetables ≒ Happiness for All

We believe that proving and practicing this equation, which expresses the philosophy of Osaki Farm, is the way to repay all those involved and lead to innovation (technological innovation) of Osaki Farm, which aims for future-style agriculture.



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大崎農園の作物はGLOBAL GAPとK-GAP、イオンGAPを取得した高品質な野菜や、加工品の切干大根は地元や全国の小売店・スーパー様に評価いただいています。