Vegetables produced by Osaki Farm

Vegetables from Osaki Farm, richly blessed by the land of Kagoshima

We are the first company to promote large-scale production and mechanization of radishes, and to improve the efficiency of production process management and sales management in order to ensure stable shipping volume and quality. Our daikon radishes are characterized by their freshness and fruit-like sweetness, and we receive many inquiries from faraway places. Leaf onions, which can be harvested year-round through a combination of open-air and greenhouse cultivation, have been the foundation of our business since our establishment, and are highly regarded in the market for their firmness and bright color, even at the tips of the leaves.
The processed Kiriboshi Daikon (dried radish) is dried at once from freshly harvested vegetables, which gives it an outstanding flavor when it is rehydrated.
In addition, cabbage and sweet potatoes are harvested in increasing quantities each year, and are supplied to food processing companies mainly for processing.

Our produce and processed products

Cultivation and shipping of daikon radish

Fresh and fruity with a sweet taste.
[Standard]M~3L size, cut size
[Delivery]Kyushu area: 1 day, Kansai area: 2 days


Cultivation and shipping of leaf onions

High in sugar content and antioxidants.
[Standard]50g~100g size, rose
[Delivery]Kyushu area: 1 day, Kansai area: 2 days


Cabbage and sweet potato cultivation and shipping


Dried Kiriboshi Daikon Processing