The center for processing and shipping vegetables


Large shipping yard
with refrigerated storage

The shipping stations, which were scattered in various locations, were combined into one and completed in 2017, with a large refrigerated warehouse attached.
By mechanizing the line work from vegetable washing to packing and shipping, the time required for post-shipment operations has been greatly reduced. Efficiency has been dramatically improved, enabling fresher vegetables to be shipped as ordered.
In addition to the sorting line, equipment for making dried vegetables such as dried daikon has been installed, making it possible to produce value-added processed products.

Sorting line

After soil is roughly removed from the vegetables by outdoor sprinklers, they are washed clean in a large washing machine.
On a fully-automated line, our skilled staff sorts the vegetables by size. Double and triple checks are performed by visual inspection to ensure that there are no blemishes.


After the vegetables have been selected, they are immediately packed on the packing line. After packing, radishes are stored in a refrigerated warehouse maintained at 4°C and shipped as per the sales plan, mainly to Kyushu, but also to Kansai and Kanto regions.